About Us

Bookdown.ng connects you with the food vendors, experiences and opportunities in your city. Eliminates delay in restaurants that serve on-demand freshly cooked food, and makes it easy for you to discover places where you can eat the food your heart craves.

Delivering Affordable Convenience


Convenience is a luxury. Yet, we have made it accessible for people of all income levels. Bookdown.ng enables you to find and order meals from local food vendors that fit your budget.

Bookdown.ng delivers the value of e-commerce leveraged by big food brands to startups that cannot afford the budget for developing, marketing and maintaining their own e-commerce website or apps.

Empowering MSMEs


Meet Our Team


Behind bookdown is a vibrant and energetic team that have brought their different experiences in the tech, logistics and customer experience industry. We love to serve.

Bookdown is brought to you by the innovative team at Cecula Limited. A Nigerian tech startup with office at The RootHub (Akeez Plaza), Opp. Ibom Hall, Uyo, Akwa-Ibom.

The Company

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